Don't Let Construction Dust Settle Into Your New Kitchen

Learn about our post-construction cleanup services today

Your newly remodeled kitchen might look ready to use, but don't start heating up the oven just yet. Clear away any lingering construction dust by contacting Micheline's Cleaning Service. We'll come to your home or business and do a post-construction cleanup right away. Your space will be spotless in no time.

Call 207-436-0734 now to schedule your post-construction cleanup. We'll handle your cleanup with care and attention to detail.

3 good reasons to schedule post-construction cleanup

3 good reasons to schedule post-construction cleanup

You might be tempted to just grab a dish towel and start wiping down your kitchen yourself, but you should call Micheline's Cleaning Service instead. Here's why:

  1. We can clean newly constructed spaces of all sizes, from a single bathroom to an entire home.
  2. We can clean your space much faster and more efficiently than you can.
  3. We have over 40 years of post-construction cleanup experience, so we'll clean spaces you might miss.
Reach out to Micheline's Cleaning Service now to learn more about the benefits of professional post-construction cleanup. An experienced cleaning specialist will be happy to answer your questions.